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APB-008 IW-EX-US cover photo

AudioPressBox APB-008 IW-EX-US

A professional press box (Audio Splitter) expander featuring 8 Line/MIC outputs designed for system integrators for fixed installation with compatible NEMA box. Independet transformer balanced and isolated outputs are divided to channel A and channel B so it can also be used for bilingual conferences. It has 2 inputs with 3-pin phoenix connectors, one for each Output channel. The expander must be fed with an APB-Drive unit in order to function properly.

  • 8 High quality balanced Outputs, each Output is independent transformer isolated
  • Each Output is switchable between LINE or MIC Output level
  • 2 internal Output Groups: 4x Output A and 4x Output B

Easy installation

Individually transformer isolated outputs

Mic/Line inputs and Mic/Line outputs

Easy to use

US standard NEMA Box

APB-008 IW-EX-US Ecosystem

* Requires a drive unit: APB-D100, APB-D100 R, APB-D116 R-DANTEAPB-D200 R, APB-D200 R-DANTE, APB-D216 R-DANTEAPB-208 R, APB-400 R


Audio Press Box APB-008 IW-EX-US
Type Expander
Groups 2
Input section
Inputs 1x Bus A
1x Bus B
Input connectors Balanced, 3-pin phoenix connector
Output section
Outputs 4x Bus A, Line/MIC level
4x Bus B, Line/MIC level
Output connectors Balanced, XLR-M connector
Nominal Output Level MIC: -20dBu
LINE: +6 dBu
Output impedance Mic: 220Ω
Line: 600Ω
Transformer isolated outputs Yes (each output)
Dimensions (WxHxD) 214 x 214 x 65mm
Weight 1400g
Compatible NEMA box 884


Block diagram

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