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How to set up a press conference easily?

APB-224 C multbox

Do you want to set up a press conference easily and profesionally? Do you need to set it up anywhere and anytime? It has never been easier. Just use AudioPressBox.

AudioPressBox APB-224C represents an ideal professional solution for your press conference and you can easily set it up in under 1 minute. It is a portable solution in a heavy duty Nanuk case with rechargable AccuPack that gives you the option to use it anywhere and anytime for up to 10 hours without AC.

We believe that apart from the content presented to the media, a very imporatnt aspect of press conference is the clear audio signal which the journalist record simply, quickly and in high qaulity when they use our AudioPressBox devices.

AudioPressBox press conference in under 60 seconds application scheme


APB-224 C

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