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AudioPressBox fit for Presidents


MediaTech Central Europe, the mother company of AudioPressBox recieved a request from the Office of the President to supply a portable system for press conferences.
The task was to make an easy to use portable system in a rack with sound reinforcement, audio distribution for the press and wireless lectern.
The whole  system should be easy to use and setup, mainly outdoors due to the COVID-19 precautions.

AudioPressBox mult box MediaTech proposed a portable system in a rack consisting of :

  • AudioPressBox distribution amplifier APB-D100 R + APB-024 R-EX
  • Audio Technica automatic digital mixer ATDM-0604
  • Audio Technica wireless microphone system Series 3000
  • The sound reinforcment was covered by a powered speaker
  • The lectern consisted of 2 Audio-Technica gooseneck microphones ES925/18 ML connected to Audio-Technica Series 3000 wireless transmitters

AudioPressBox pressbox

Two lectern microphones are connected to the automatic mixer together with an additional handheld microphone. The signal is automaticaly processed and mixed in the digital smart mixer. One processed signal is for the AudioPressBox to distribute high quality audio to journalists and the second processed signal is for sound reinforcement for the atendees so that they can listen to the questions asked. The system is very intuitive and easy to use together with being lightweight and portable.

AudioPressBox press conference outside Do you need help with design or spec of a similar project?

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